Grey's Point Bonefish Inn

Acklins Island is becoming one of the premier destinations for world-class bonefishing. Relatively undiscovered it is an angler’s dream. The fishery is nearly untouched because there is no tourism except for sport fishing on the island the islands remote location and the limited air schedule. The tidal flats and creeks of Acklins are a fisherman’s paradise. Acklins Island’s expansive flats offer anglers everything they seek in the Bahamas. The flats are vast the waters are generally smooth and you can fish the area year-round within minutes of the lodge. Because of the southern location of Acklins Island the weather patterns are very favorable and cold fronts tend to pass around the island. Are you ready to get ripped? The average bonefish caught is 3-4 pounds and they are hard-core reel screamers. You will get shots at 6 -10 pound fish on a daily basis. The largest recorded fish caught by a Grey’s Point guest is 16 pounds. Singles cruising groups and tailing fish are abundant. There are excellent numbers of fish and it is not unusual on some flats to see 3 – 4 groups of 50 - 200 tailing fish in a group at one time. Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn location is at the center of the fishery. The numerous flats directly in front of your room are some of the best the island has to offer and they are but 100 feet from your room. In addition to Bonefishing deep-sea and reef fishing trips are available and trips can be booked on our 23 foot sportfisherman boat.

Fly fishing Acklins Bahamas.

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