Guanahani Beach Club

Guanahani Beach ClubThere are probably only a few places on the earth where you can encounter so many positive aspects making your vacation the vacation of your dreams in a relaxed atmosphere.That is a holiday designed to take you away from your everyday stress and routine in a natural environment surrounded by friendly and welcoming people. Exactly in this kind of ambience we have settled the Guanahani Beach Club Resort.Guanahani Beach Club is a small cozy resort located on the south east coast 15 minutes drive from the airport right on the gorgeous white powdery sandy beach of Snow Bay.At the Guanahani Beach Club holiday is sport relax based on a close contact with the extraordinary natural surroundings. Good wilderness but with all the comforts close at hand.The Guanahani Beach Club Staff will make sure to make you feel the most pampered Robinson Cruose in the world on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas in a setting which is a jewel of the Archipelago.

Guanahani Beach.

Contact Information

  • Cockburn Town, San Salvador
  • Phone: 242-452-0438
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